what i do

David is a trusted guide, leading you to places that cannot be seen or understood at the journey's start. Before you know it, you have achieved your goals and David is quietly riding off into the sunset, leaving a better place behind.

Michael Herde
Global Head, Compliance
UBS Investment Bank
A great plan is a great start. But planning is not doing. Doing is doing. How an organization introduces, manages and makes that plan a reality is what defines success. Do you want an expensive binder that gathers dust on a shelf? Or do you want your people to "get it", knowing what it is, and what to do?

Make your next strategic planning process one that gets results.

"He has played a significant role in bringing to life at Barclays many of the cultural imperatives that are critical. And in doing so has managed to impact many of us personally."
Tom Kalaris
CEO, Barclays Capital Global

"At what he does, the guy is the best I have ever seen."
Paul Sullivan
Director, Shell International

"David Baum = Creativity + wisdom + practicality + humor. He has been a tremendous asset and catalyst for the growth and health of Landmine Survivors Network. He has worked closely with our international team to envision a future free of landmines, with healing for the earth and for wounded populations."
Jerry White
CEO and Founder, Landmine Survivors Network
Co-recipient; Nobel Peace Prize

"As usual, David exceeds my expectations, and believe me they are high. In both working with our board and creating a college-wide strategic vision, we remain excited about the future he has helped us find."
Greg Prince
President, Hampshire College

"For over ten years and three companies, I have depended on David for his incredible ability to help me create a positive organizational environment that allows for real work to be done. Whether working with one person or three hundred, I trust him implicitly."
Sonia A. Madison
Federal Regional Administrator, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid