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Lightning in a Bottle: Proven Lessons for Leading Change
"Full of energy and insight, David Baum sparks ideas for executives and managers to embrace change. Baum has transformed his own talents as clown and fire-eater with three circus companies to lecturer at Wharton's Executive Development Program and the California Institute of Technology. He imparts his enlightened thoughts on leading change in more than 60 vignettes that impart memorable yet practical ideas to transform an organization."

Read a few sample chapters from Lightning in a Bottle, and see what others say about this
best-selling book.

The Randori Principles: The Path of Effortless Leadership
(Written with Jim Hassinger)
From the Japanese martial art of aikido, randori means to be in the right place, with the right technique, at the right time, with the right level of power. In business, as in aikido, more is required than just the rote performance of essential knowledge. The true master—or great business leader—studies his or her environment, tracks challenges, maintains a sense of internal balance, and takes action from this place.

Through nearly 60 anecdotes based on work with their clients, including multinationals, non-profits and enterprise leaders, authors David Baum and Jim Hassinger illustrate how the randori principles apply to the heart of successful business leadership.

In aikido, when you are so present that all the techniques you know are evenly available to you, it is said, "The fight is over before it begins." The same is also true in business.

Read a few sample chapters from The Randori Principles, and see what others say about this best-selling book.

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